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Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Fri Dec 19, '14 10:09am PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudbig hug
Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Sat Dec 20, '14 5:13am PST 
Mommy got a scare at 1 am this morning as daddy fell when he got up to use the bathroom. He had a light as mommy always keeps a light for him to see so he won't fall. He doesn't know why he fell but mommy heard this loud thud jumped out of bed with me fast on her tail heading to the bathroom while Sabrina lay sleeping in the bed.

Daddy was sitting by the toilet against the wall. Mommy asked if he was hurt or did he hit his head as he is on wafarin and he said no he just broke the toilet paper holder it broke his fall. She said don't worry about the toilet paper holder and again asked if he was hurt or hit his head did she need to call 911 he said no so mommy helped him get up and back to bed but she could not sleep was worried about daddy kept asking if he needed to go to the hospital he said no. Mommy thought maybe his sugar dropped and he was weak so she gave him a chocolate covered marshmellow to eat and a fresh glass of water and I tried to take that marshmellow away from him and mommy grabbed me and put me away from daddy so he could eat it.

Mommy knows her daddy in Ohio was on Wafarin and he fell in 2002 in his bathroom and hit his head but he died from internal bleeing in the brain due to a blunt trauma to the head.

He woke up this morning and mommy fed him he seems to be doing okay.

Stanley Steamer coming this afternnon to clean the couch and the master bedroom carpet.

Happy Saturday
Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Sun Dec 21, '14 3:32am PST 
Our neighbors were gone yesterday and mommy saw their huge black lab walking down the road she called his name Harley and he came to mommy so she took him and put him on our enclosed glass porch with a bowl of water to hold him till they get home. Well somehow during the night he pushed the latch and opened the glass door which I am glad he did not break any glasses or tear the bottom door apart to get out of the glass enclosed porch however not so lucky on the screened in part of the porch he jumped out the screen on the side door and somehow got out of our yard. I just hope he jumped the fence and did not dig a hole as I will have to check my fence line before Sabrina goes in the yard so she can't escape like him when it is daylight outside.

I took Sabrina out to walk her in the front yard at 5:30 thinking the black lab was still on the porch Sabrina started smelling and going nuts and barking and when I turned around the black lab was behind me outside in the front yard.

Well I went next door and took down the note that I left them telling them I had their dog on my enclosed back porch. I was not going to try and bring him in again for him to break windows or destroy something else. I just hope he hanges around his house and doesn't wander off as a neighbor told me there are two pit bulls running around and if two gang up on him I feel sorry for the dog. I stayed up till 11 pm waiting to see if the owners would come home so I could return their dog but here it is 6:30 am and they are still not home.

I hate to see a dog roaming to get hurt but I tried.

everyone have a great Sunday

Happy Sunday

Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Mon Dec 22, '14 3:26am PST 
Poor Harley the Black Lab he was lying in his owners driveway then never came home yesterday either mommy told him to go lay down on his owners front porch as he doesn't need to get wet and she took him out some of our food last night so he could sleep with food in his stomach.

Mommy said usually when the neighbors leave for the weekend they ask friends or family to stop by and feed Harley but mommy never saw any cars come in their driveway to do that as I would think they would get him back in his yard and fix the hole since they were responsible. Mommy was wondering if they were involved in a wreck.

Anway it storm last night mommy woke up thinking of poor Harley she did not see the neighbors truck in their driveway but if they came home late maybe they parked it in the garage she will see later if Harley is still outside and if by noon the people have not come home maybe is going to see if there is a black lab rescue in our neighborhood to come and get him.

Every have a great Monday.

Barked: Mon Dec 22, '14 10:16am PST 
Wow, glad everything turned out ok! Take care! And be sure to take care of yourself too! hug

Barked: Mon Dec 22, '14 10:23am PST 
I'm starting to get another ear infection. Daddy had to clean my ears with the ear wash and then put the drops in my ears again this morning. frown

The good thing is that I got a bite of a cookie!!! big grin
Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Tue Dec 23, '14 3:35am PST 
Maggie I understand that I had one too the last time I went to the vets he washed my ears out and put the medicine that last a couple weeks down my ear. They are definitely no fun.

Well Harley's parents came home late at night took Harley in before the storm and he now stays in his kennel in the yard as our neighbor fixed mommy's screen told her he would give her his phone number in case of an emergency if she has any problems with daddy as he knows how to do CPR and a response next door is quicker than waiting on an ambulance I would still call 911.

Well hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas day.

Check out the birthday thread today is Lord Pippin (LP) birthday

Happy Tuesday
Walker- (Angel Boy)

Barked: Tue Dec 23, '14 9:37am PST 
Abigale- June, NPC

Born to play
Barked: Wed Dec 24, '14 4:04am PST 
Well our neighbors left again but this time there was someone to stop by and check on Harley and feed him.

Found some sad news when we went on Facebook our old neighbors who had the golden retriever posted their precious Toby went to the bridge unexpectedly.
They have had a pretty rough year first their uncle died then a month later her father dies and now their dog.

Well Bella we hope your ear infection gets better.

We are wishing every a Very Merry Christmas and a safe one

Have a Merry Christmas
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