Yodelling on & on........


Mox the Fox/- Mummox
Barked: Wed Jul 7, '10 3:13pm PST 
I would love to hear from all you Basenji brothers & sisters over here. Even though I am a mix, my name is Moxie, I LOVE to yodel! When I'm happy and when I am not. If I want to go out especially! If I'm hungry and just about anything I want to say or let you know, I yodel! Sometimes it turns into a long drawn out howl, that puts beying at the moon childs' play and other times it's short and stacotto with breaks and emphasis. Yodeling is my specialty and I would yodel all the time if they would let me. What about you? Is it a bit much?silenced

Barked: Sat Feb 19, '11 5:21pm PST 
When we were a puppy, we used to yodell whenever someone would tickle me under the chin. They would all laugh when they did it. But then i figured out what they were doing and i fooled them so i stopped. Know i only do it when i want attention or just feel happy.