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Barked: Fri May 7, '10 4:47pm PST 
We've been involved w/breed rescue for years. I know there are several Bengals out there that need homes but no one puts them up on Catster. I have kept a page up for a cat that I brought in and have placed b/c people get in touch w/me and I have used that to place 4 other cats.
Does anyone have nay ideas about how to make Catster and Dogster places people will look for animals instead of Petfinder and Craigslist?
Just feeling sown today but I'll get over it soon. I always do.
Bounce's Mom,

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Barked: Fri May 7, '10 9:21pm PST 
Hi Bounce.
As far as we know, maybe the other social networking groups, like Facebook? Or Twitter.
My mommy isn't that involved, with a lot of "social" sites- except Dogster and Twitter. I know, they have other good humans who look out for animals in your area.
- but here's a thought:
Purina has a site called "" , and I think they post animals who need homes; because we see them there. It's okay to get a little down sometimes, just know that there are a lot of good humans who are looking for adoption first. You look like a beautiful cat.

When we buy a house, we will foster and adopt as many as we can.
Take care and we will pray that you find more sites instead of "Craiglist" and others.
Hugz and tailwags, Casey

hug hug hug

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Barked: Sun May 9, '10 12:56pm PST 
Mom posts the humane society pets here on Adopt a Pet. She isn't sure how much traffic it gets, but they also export adoptable pets to lots of other websites like; petsmart, petco, martha stewart, and a bunch more that we can't remember.

She also used to use TerrificPets. It used to get really good traffic and probably still does.

Mom always includes a link to the pets dogster or catster page on their descriptions on other websites. Dogster and catster are already getting more popular for adoptions and hopefully they will continue to grow in popularity.

Hope this helps and good luck. way to go

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Ginger (In- Loving- Memory)

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Barked: Sun May 16, '10 2:20pm PST 
Hello! We are new to this group. My mom also does the posting to the 'adopt-a-pet' web site as well as helps with the petfinder site for the rescue group she volunteers with: She also is on the poodle rescue yahoo groups so is the poodle rescue contact for upstate NY.
For her volunteer work she does home visits, transports to and from adoption clinics and vet appointments, picks up surrenders, and about any other odd job that needs to do, except fostering. Daddy says no fostering. There's 3 of us right now and that's one more than 'planned'.
Mommy also helps with rescue transports when she can. Mostly she gets pugs coming from mills in MO and PA and going to the Green Mt. Pug rescue.
There is a dogster rescue transport group too, if any of you ever need to post for rides!
Well.. so if you need a contact in Upstate NY - we're here!

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Barked: Tue May 18, '10 10:01pm PST 
Hi Ginger! Your mom must be as busy as mine. laugh out loud We haven't done much with transporting, but we do loads of foster work. We just got eight ACD pups tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day getting their pics and deworming done. On top of that mom has an adopter to meet for a dog that has been here for a while. Sounds like a fun day to me! happy dance