Too Late To Still Vote?


A Calm Dog Is A- Good Dog!
Barked: Thu Mar 18, '10 6:37am PST 
dog Hey Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey- We forgot about the Dogsies for 2009. Just noticed your last post said you wanted to close on March 7th- I would have voted (You added a LOT of new catagories-heh)......
I theenk...but there are some movies you listed we didn't even see yet.
(Don't get out much, do we?) big laugh

Anyway, let us know what you're doing, or if you still want to have us vote, or start a new one or something.
It'd be fun if we had more members to vote. I still think you should add some movies from the past....maybe one catagory. "Best Classic Dog Film"- or "Classic TV show" w/dog...

KAY! See ya, Sammy hug hug hug