Coonhound Blues


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Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 2:29pm PST 
My husband and I have a 8 month old walker that we've had since he was 6 weeks old. I was wondering if anyone on here is having the problems we are. Bandit is the playful, energetic, goofy coondog we expected, with a unwelcome twist. Bandit gets VERY Agressive anytime he has something in his mouth ( this can be mail, my couch, my yorkie, a sock...), also he chases my 3 yr old neice and jumps on her anytime she comes over. Does anyone have any tips to help with this aggression problem? And am I the only one dealing with this?!!
-exhausted walker mama
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Barked: Wed Jan 12, '11 6:51pm PST 
the only time my girls get aggressive is about treats or if one is in heat sometimes play rough but nothing out of the ordinary

Curious George
Barked: Mon Jun 25, '12 2:32pm PST 
I noticed for the first time that Forrest was growling at Sadie my Border Collie when she got to close to him when he had a bone in his mouth. I decided to take the bone away. I will have to keep an eye on this behavior. I can understand why it happened, but I wouldn't want him to hurt my other dog.


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Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 6:22pm PST 
Abby is half Treeing Walker and she really isn't aggressive at all. She jumps and mouths when she's in a very playful mood, but that's about it. Interestingly she's not aggressive about food at all, which is a big change from the purebred Beagle I used to have (she'd literally "guard" the stove and if you came near it she'd growl/snap at you). The only thing she's done is she'd grab one of my mom's foam curlers off the floor and try to eat it... mom would try to take it from her and the stubborn girl nearly bit her. I don't think she meant to, but she wanted to stop mom from grabbing the curler.

Ginger Snap
Barked: Fri Nov 16, '12 10:29pm PST 
Fortunately my Ginger who is a coon hound mix and is also 8 months has not been experiencing these issues so much....lately. I did notice that when she was being fostered for a couple of weeks by my friend who helped rescue her that she was needy & a bit aggressive to his too alternating with messing and destructive behaviour.
I expedited her adoption into our home so she could be an only furbaby and have extra attention. Perhaps yours also has a bit of anxiety and just needs a bit extra TLC.

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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 5:15pm PST 
It's interesting because in all I've read about Coonhounds, especially Walkers, they're usually described as confident but sensitive. I've read that they tend to take things personally so they don't react well to being disciplined harshly. Abby seems to be quite sensitive to loud noises. We had a gate across the stairs so she wouldn't go up and find trouble when we weren't home. Once the gate crashed to the floor and it scared her. Whenever someone is coming down the stairs and the gate is still up, she hides behind the coffee table. Another time, my dad fell down the stairs (luckily he wasn't really hurt...). As soon as she heard it, she straightened like a rocket and started shaking. I think she was afraid he was hurt, though he did make a loud "thump" when he fell.

Anyone heard of coonhounds being a bit skittish like this? I guess it could go with them being sensitive. I adopted Abby from a rescue group when she was 5 months old. I don't know too much about her history but from what the rescue group told me, she was fine at her foster families.