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♥Our- Angel- Jake♥

Born to have- fun!!!!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 19, '15 10:31am PST 
2 pawlease abby sweetiekissingkissingkissingkissingkissing Mom says its been in the 100's but starting to cool off today in the low 90'ssnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy Thank you abby fur my beautiful gift on my page sweetiebig hug Mom can't believe how times fliescry She misses me and max so muchcry Did you get to go to the dog park abbyway to go Stay cool sweetiemeditatemeditate

Congrats buddyapplauseapplause

Barked: Fri Aug 21, '15 12:20pm PST 
#7 please!

Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Sat Aug 22, '15 2:41pm PST 
hug Jake sweetie hug we wuvs you and miss you and Max too hug
Kisses to the sky sweetie kissing

we need a little POP for our kitty Smokey again. his siezures have been controlled for about 4 months now but he is starting to show some seizure activity again. So the pred must not be controlling it anymore. he did not have a full on siezure but he is starting to twitch and blink and jerk like he is going to go into one. last night was worse he started howling a circling and stumbling so we went to the vet today and they are gonna start a new med but we wont be able to get it shipped for a few days cause of the weekend. so she gave a him a big steriod shot and we are gonna feed him a good supplement with his food to keep his sugar up, it was very low, and get him thru the weekend safe hug but lots of POP will help too kitty

so we have been really distracted is really getting scared for him, he is 13 and it is hard. frown

all else is good, it is a beautiful weekend. we will be sticking around the house keeping a close eye on Smokey big hug

lets get a pupdate of the board cheer

Here is the game board of numbers picked:

Jake -- 2
Cinnamon -- 4
Zane -- 7
Quinn -- 9
JerryLee -- 15
Krickette -- 16

That means these numbers are still open....

1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

**** Only one pup per family******

So we need 10 more players

Drawing for a prize is Sunday so the last day to pick your duck is tell you pals! Then the new board will be posted Monday

Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Sun Aug 23, '15 7:34am PST 
we will continue the game til next week... frown cry
mom is gonna take a few days off...

Smokey passed to the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in the early morning hours.

He was diagnosed with a tumor on his pancreas in April after he started having seizures, his sugar was dropping to dangerously low levels. Since then he as been controlled with pred living all happy days. Friday he suddenly showed signs of seizure activity again. Yesterday morning he went for a check up. His sugar was very low. We were going to start a new siezure med on him this week since the pred was no longer controlling the tumor. He got a steriod shot and we came home with the goal of keeping his sugar up and increasing his pred til the meds came in this week from the compounding pharmacy. He ate like a king - food, treats, supplements..anything he wanted to keep his sugar up. He was fine when we all went to bed at 1:30. He passed sometime in the early morning hours. His sugar levels must have dropped so fast, he just layed down and peacefully went to sleep. I wish I could have been with him and holding him at that moment but it happened all so silently. He never suffered one day of his life, he was spared that and for that we will be forever greatful.

We loved him dearly and he had a full wonderful life. He would have turned 14 on September 12th. He was spoiled and loved every day. We will miss him so much. His presence in this house was huge and the silence will be painful. He was definately king of this castle.

Fly high handsome will remain furever in our hearts.
Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Barked: Sun Aug 23, '15 3:16pm PST 
Abby, we are so sorry about smoky passing that is so sad he was a very loved kitty your family are in our thoughts and prayers RIP little Smoky hughughug

Born To Run
Barked: Mon Aug 24, '15 6:44am PST 
Abby, we understand how hard it is to lose a beloved family member. hug

Daddy's Farm Boy
Barked: Mon Aug 24, '15 8:05am PST 
sending Love Hugs and Prayers for you all Abby kissingflowershug

Sweet & loving- life!
Barked: Mon Aug 24, '15 10:42am PST 
We are so very sorry Abby & sent you & your family our heartfelt condolences hug
♥Our- Angel- Jake♥

Born to have- fun!!!!!!
Barked: Tue Aug 25, '15 12:23pm PST 
Oh abby honey we are so sorry to hear this of your brufur smokeycrycry Our thoughts and prayers are with your family sweetie in their time of sadnesshughughughug It never gets easy when we lose our beloved petscry Sending comforting hugs sweetiehughug We wuvs yabig hug
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