"Felix"- (Mommies- Fur-Angel)

I drool and- rule, now let me- sleep.
Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 1:58pm PST 
Yesterday was a tought day for mewomie. I was my third year here in Rainbow Bridge and It was my sisters 9th birthday on earth. What makes the day even more sad is Mickey came home at 11:30 pm. cry Moewmie feel so guilty since she was not with him when he passed. Strangely when she saw him he was stretched hold to the stove door as if he was reaching for something. I keep telling her he saw me and was reaching up befor ehis soul departed. Even tho she was not his mom she did adopt him from her sister and was like a son to her and he would love to be held by her even sleep on her shoulders. Meowmie yesterday comforted him as much as she could on her bed and even took him outside and walked around the yard he loved sittign outside and watching the world go by.