Help Blind Cat Rescue?


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Barked: Thu Oct 29, '09 9:26pm PST 
Alana, director of Blind Cat Rescue, posted this on Facebook. I'm pasting the entire message. If you can spare just $10.00, we could help BLIND CAT RESCUE win from $500. to $50,000.!!!!
IMPORTANT: Since one prize is for the most donations in a SINGLE DAY, the chosen date is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1. If you can donate only $10.00 and ask others to do the same on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1, we can help!

Here's the message from Alana, director of BCR:

This contest was brought to my attention.... From what I have learned... it is based upon how many donations you collect thru your donation page,(link below) $10 minimum.... (I made my $10 donation yesterday to figure it out, but it shows as shy supporter instead of my name, not sure why?)

I am asking all of you if you could just make a $10 donation... (Do NOT donate more than that!! That is all is required, $10) There is a $1000 & $500 prize for the group with the most donations that day SOOOOOOOO... I am asking you to please please help us on NOVEMBER 1 to win the $1000 prize........donate $10 and share this with everyone you know!

Here is the link to donate....scroll down to the middle of the page and hit donate

And don't forget to vote for the other contest (Big Grin) ces?siteId=3

Below is the info all about the contest...

America's Giving Challenge is in full swing. In just a few days, $275,000 has been raised for over 4,500 causes!

The contest is simple: the cause that gets the most people to give $10 or more wins. Causes can win daily awards of up to $1,000 for getting the most donations in a single day, and overall awards up to $50,000 for getting the most donations over the entire challenge, which ends November 6th.

Go to to see the leading causes in the Challenge. From here, you can browse all competing causes or start a new cause. Or you can go directly to the list of your causes and pick one to help.

Once you have picked a cause, there are two easy ways to help:

Donate. Go to the cause you want to support and click on the green “Donate” button.
Tell your friends. Go to the cause you want to support and click on the green “Tell Friends” button. But don’t stop there—make phone calls, put your cause’s URL in your away message, and find other creative ways to get your friends to donate.

The Challenge, which was organized by Causes, the Case Foundation, and PARADE Publications, was created to empower individuals to join together and make a difference for the issues and organizations they care about most. Your donation, when put together with so many other people's donations, will make a huge difference for your cause and the people it affects. Go to to see who's winning and get involved!