I Gotta Be Me!
Barked: Mon Sep 28, '09 12:04pm PST 
PLEASE vote for MOXIE in the "Cutest Dog Contest" so she can help our dearest doxies in need! Moxie has won many hearts, but never a contest. Moxie is hoping she will get enough votes to win the $1 million prize so she will be able to donate large portions to DACHSHUND RESCUE, SPCA and a variety of national and local causes where her legacy of service, charity work, donations and love will live on.

Moxie is a personality plus 10 pound mini-dachshund that nobody wanted. The offspring of a red short hair mom and a black and tan long hair dad, her tail slammed in a door at birth, she was far from perfect. Her one long haired ear and bent tail were an inspiration to create Moxie the doxie – about life’s challenges and that it’s not what is on the outside, it’s the inside that counts. Her career started as a pet therapy dog. Her weekly visits to a nursing home provided unconditional love to dementia patients. She brings remarkable results to their distance and appearance of emptiness through her love, licks and non-stop wagging tail. Patients who see lifeless perk up with her visits, she enters into their souls.

The Man with the plan will show you the way. May Moxie doxie ALWAYS brighten every one of your days

PLEASE vote DAILY and share the voting link with family and friends for MOXIE who has given so much to so many for 12 years and wants her legacy to continue! PLEASE help her save our doxies!
Moxie's direct voting link is: