Jake- [originally- Keegan]

Barked: Mon Sep 28, '09 8:30am PST 
hiii everyone, DONT FORGETt!! October 24th is pitbull awareness day! last year i forgot, but this year i remembered and wanted to remind all of you! alright well this is a website i found you can click here and figure out if there is any events near you, and if not you can click here and host your own event, now i have never hosted my own event, i wouldnt know how to even go about that, but if anyone would like to theres the information, now i hope everyone will take some part in one of these events, or helps educate your family and friends .. . .thanks!
Shadow NPC,- MDM

Ban the Deed - Not the Breed
Barked: Tue Oct 13, '09 5:51am PST 
Thanks Jake!! We went last year to an event near us and this year Pittie Palooza is on the same day!! I'm hoping to make it to both of those events as they are in the same town!