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My rottweiler is 6 months old, 85 lbs... and he is stronger than both me and my boyfriend. He is just about impossible to beat at tug-o-war and he can drag me across the room if he wants. It is starting to get pretty scary, considering he is still a pup. I know rottweilers are one of the strongest breeds, but damn is he super strong. He isn't aggressive, he just plays very rough. Is this normal for rottweilers at this age to be this big and strong?
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Oh my! He IS gorgeous young pup! he's absolutely BEAUTIFUL and he does look like a big boy smile I do think that it's pretty normal - they're incredibly strong (even though they may not weigh as much as an adult human). I don't think you have anything to be afraid of - just make sure he knows that you're the Alphas in the house - good obedience training - and he shouldn't challenge you too much after that smile

There's a breeder out there who breeds COLOSSAL Rotties: ... They are HUGE!
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I agree. Making sure he knows for sure that y'all are the leader will go a long way to making sure he doesn't challenge you when he reached the age of Social Maturity (around 2 yrs old.) I would stop playing tug of war with him because the more he knows he can out muscle you the more likely he is to press his luck with you later in life.


Bad to the bone!
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Yeah, he is just playing and it seems as if he doesn't realize his own strength. He knows who the boss is though, and that is me and my boyfriend! He is very loving and never shows any signs of being vicious. Thank goodness! He is the most mellow puppy I've ever come across, but him being so strong kind of surprised me at how young he still is. He is probably almost a hundred pounds now. He is growing too fast! Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it.
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