How Did You Get Started in Clicker Training?


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I think everypup would like to know how group members got started with the clicker.

My trainer in puppy and intermediate classes told us about dog

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I read Karen Pryor's book, Understanding the Animal Mind. It was on the shelf at my library and I deiced on a whim to check it out. I'm so glad I did- it has opened up a whole new world of training. It's so much easier to communicate with a clicker then by luring or forcing the dog into a position. For some reason, using a clicker makes training fun.

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I did a research project on service dogs for a class in high school. It was an interview project, so I ended up interviewing Sue Ailsby. She sold me on it. I did a basic clicker class and a national conference that year too. smile That was 2004/2005 I think.
I was a punishment trainer before that. I feel lucky to have crossed over so young! smile

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I was a punishment trainer, then I picked up a clicker training book just to see what all the fuss was about. I started noticing how Holly hated training, and how I did too. Finally I got a clicker and figured it couldn't hurt to try. It has worked wonders! Holly is so much happier and excited about training. She bounces around and wags so much more. She used to have some dog reactivity which is beginning to smooth away. I'm SO glad I crossed over now, when I'm younger, all my future dogs won't have to go through the experimenting that Holly did, poor baby! wink