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I'm your new- best friend! Pet- me!
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 6:03am PST 
Hi All Pups!
Introduce yourself here, along with your level of competition in Obedience, Showmanship, Agility, etc.

Have Fun!!! snoopy snoopy snoopy
Cotton JJ-N

Smart on the- course
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 5:49pm PST 
I have two dogs :3 I myself am 14 years young, and I currently show in Intermediate Showmanship, when I want to.

Cotton- Been in 4-h for two years. We are in offlead agility, with one purple so far. When we were in onlead, we won 1 blue, 4 purples, two reserve champions and one grand champion. We are starting Novice Obedience and Novice Rally-O as Rally-O just became available this year.

Starr- still in training ,has been in one show. We took her to a dog show 2 1/2 hours away. Cotton injured herself so she stayed home. Starr got a purple at her first agility show smile We will start sub-novice and Novice Rally-O

All the virtue- of men without- his vices
Barked: Fri Sep 4, '09 3:26pm PST 
Heya! Meh real name is Vanessa. I'm 14 years old finally and have been in 4-H for one year.

Bilbo did obedience, showmanship, and agility at the fair. He got a red in the first two, third place in the latter. I'm not doing showmanship next year, though. I may do Rally and I'm defiantly doing the trick contest. big grin


I'm your new- best friend! Pet- me!
Barked: Fri Sep 4, '09 6:26pm PST 
My real name's Alex (yes, it's a girl's name!!!) and I'm 13.

This was my first year. Mya did obedience Beginner B and Novice Showmanship. She got red in obedience and blue in showmanship. Both were Grand Champions and she is going to the state fair. Next year she will be in Novice Showmanship, Graduate Novice Obedience, and hopefully Agility.


I'm leaving for the state fair in regular projects tomorrow morning!!! Dog show's not yet, but it's still exciting!!!
Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Mon Sep 7, '09 5:59pm PST 
My name is Rachel and i am 19 years old. I currently have 2 dogs

Kashmir: 2 years old and has been in 4-h for 2 years. Does offlead agility and obedience, and does open showmanship. Kashmir is retired now because of her muscle problems, and me being too old to show.

Zoe: 6 years old. Did 4-h for 3 years (she runs away on the offlead agility and obedience) thats a little embarrassing laugh out loud lol. But she had three litters of puppies also and was an outstanding mother.
Ursa Blue

A tennis ball is- blessed
Barked: Thu Sep 17, '09 8:17pm PST 
Rachel... that makes 2!! 13.
2 dogs. Club Treasurer. 4 years in 4-h. Open agility (soon to be excellent... the highest level!!!!). Specials in Showmanship. Novice OB (new dog). Advanced rally. 4 time trick champ. State fair this weekend. Painter. Wanna-be photographer. Ursa, ACD, 9. Gordie, AussieX, 5.

My first year however was a different story...

PS... What's a purple?

I'm your new- best friend! Pet- me!
Barked: Sat Sep 19, '09 6:44pm PST 
Usually scoring goes like this from what I know, Ursa:

White - lowest level other than excusal. Several people/all/none can get.

Red - next level up from white. Several people/all/none can get.

Blue - next level up from red. Several people/all/none can get.

Purple - any Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Award of Merit, etc ribbon. Only given to top competitiors. They are usually reffered to as getting the purple because they are various shades of purple in color.

Is it different in you state?
Cotton JJ-N

Smart on the- course
Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 6:19am PST 
A purple is the best that you can get, higher than a blue. In my state, you have to get a 95-100 in Showmanship, 190-200 in agility, and a 190-200 in obedience ( I think, and this is excluding sub-novice)
Ursa Blue

A tennis ball is- blessed
Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 6:39pm PST 
Yeah, our state uses purple-ish colors for champ and res. champ.
Blue/Green (at county) for grand champ and res. grand champ.
Random colors for best in state. (OB/Showmanship)
Blue and yellow for merit.

Then we have the blue, red, or white "flat" ribbons given based on scores. Blue being qualifying. Red can be qualifying if the county doesn't meet it's "quota" (number of kids who can go to state). Plus, you have to qualify in two or more performance events (the one's with your dog, agility, ob, showmanship.) But if you make only the judging or dog bowl team, you can come w/o your dog.

Huh, I just realized how crazy complicated our system is.
Cotton JJ-N

Smart on the- course
Barked: Sun Sep 20, '09 6:46pm PST 
Purple is a flat ribbon color in my state. You have to get a blue or a purple to qualify for State, even then it's recommended that you talk to your club leader and trainer about it before you decide that you're ready for State.
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