Rescues need YOUR help


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Barked: Wed Aug 26, '09 10:59am PST 
Our beloed Koshi crossed the bridge and my heart was shattered. She was my heartdog. I grieved for months then took action. In her honour I wrote a book and donated to three charities then began my own rescue. I rehabilitate Puppymill dogs". I have 4 foster homes and the best vets working in 2 clinics assisting. I have placed 27 dogs into loving homes and 4 have gone to breed specific rescues. I currently have a Boston who needs reconstructive surgery, an epileptic Pug mix and a Peke with a heart condition along with 7 new dogs with eye ulsers and skin issues. Please visit my website at and if you or anyone you know can make a charitable donation please email me at thank you on behalf of the dogs.