Mommy is leaving :(


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Barked: Tue Aug 25, '09 6:34pm PST 
but only for 2 weeks...oooh dear. I am almost 5 yrs. old and my mommy has never left me for more than a couple of nights. She is going on a trip far away for 2 weeks. My daddy is taking care of me and he is the bestest daddy ever and I really love him too he always plays frisbee with me...but he is not my mommy
frown . I also have the companionship of my 2 best doggy friends, my sisters, Sitka and Bree, so.... I shouldn't worry about my mommy worrying! Huh??? I really want her to have fun, because she has put off this trip ever since I came home with her back in 2004, because she didn't want to leave me, even for a little vacation. Anyway, I want all my Border Collie Dogster friends to send out lots of "Border Collie Luv Energy Vibes" for my mommy so she will not worry about me. I will miss her but I know I will be just fine!!! Oh, yea... she is also a little sad because she will not be here for my 5th birthday! but that is ok, I will probably get something really special when she gets home!!
Bon Voyage Mommy we will miss you!!!! xoxoxo
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wavewaveEnjoy your vacation Phoenix's Mom, everything will be fine
way to gohug
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Hope your mom enjoys her vacation, Phoenix! party
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hope oyu have a nice, relaxing vacation.