Michael Vick

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Barked: Thu Aug 13, '09 10:19pm PST 
Michael Vick has knowingly done something horrible to dogs and served his time in prison. Now that he is out, he has already signed with an NFL team, the Eagles. Do you "dogs" think that Vick should be banned from the NFL for life, a short term, or just completely forgiven because of his time served in jail and why? I personally think that Vick should get a 4-6 week suspension from the NFL, and then if he does anything else, the penalty will be life. I also believe he should be on a STRICT watch by the commisioner of the NFL and the state of Pennsylvania. COMMENT!!!!!!!!!
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Barked: Mon Aug 17, '09 2:28pm PST 
What has Michael Vick done to rehabilitate himself? Did he have to attend counseling or some sort of classes? Jail time is not enough to change his mind about dogs. Clearly dogs are just an expendable resource to Vick & I think it would take more that just going to jail to change his mind on that.
I think he should be banned permanently. Other players have been banned for things that I think were less offensive than this. Drug addiction for one....which is an addiction...but is treatable. What Vick did was a horrible cruelty. Why should he be allowed to play and earn millions which will just provide the funds to purchase more dogs and continue his ways?
Sorry, mom & I feel strongly about this one. We'll get off our soapbox now. smile