Flea Medication and Pyoben Shampoo


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Barked: Fri Aug 7, '09 11:21am PST 
Hi everyone!
I'm new on dogster and my name is Hu.
I had (and have) bad allergy-related skin problems, so here I am! My Person recently switched me to Natural Balance Sweet Potato Fish and got me Pyoben shampoo, which are both helping reduce and relieve my skin sores.
Here's my question: I'm due for my monthly flea medication, which I know is really important also to prevent flea allergy dermititis, but won't my new Pyoben shampoo wash it away? I'm supposed to be bathed with it twice a week for the first month. I know the flea meds say they're water proof, but maybe not through 8 baths. Does anyone have any tips? Or does anyone know if Advantage is more water/bath resistant than Frontline, or vice versa?
Thanks for any help-- can't wait to be friends!
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