Heidi- Gone but not- forgotten

I'm old, I can- do what I want.
Barked: Sat Jul 25, '09 8:48pm PST 
Heidi was everything good about the German Shepherd breed. She had the old German look, big, dark, without too much of a slope at the hip. When I walked Heidi anywhere people stopped, whether they were walking or driving, to say 'that is one beautiful animal'. She was strong, but mild-mannered; quiet, gentle. She loved children and watched and worried over them carefully, to make sure they were safe. And children loved her, it was the parents that were afraid, I guess because of her size and her breed. She was the perfect guard dog, sleeping with one eye open and one ear active. And many times when I tried to be quiet while going through the house late at night, she would let out this one loud deep bark she reserved for 'possible intruder alert'. I almost wet my pants every time! Of course, over time, her hips did start to hurt, and at about 13 she started to show signs of dementia, and then the incontinence came. We could see in her eyes that this was a dignity issue, this was quality of life, and we made the decision to have her suffering ended. I still have yet to see a more a beautiful canine, just glorious to behold.
Shadow (R.I.P my baby)

Barked: Sat Jul 25, '09 9:20pm PST 
i am deeply sorry for the lose of such a beutifull animal and loyal. My baby girl Shadow wasnt reallly here long enough to know what life was all about. but she was still very layoal to her brother and her human family. i wasnt able to take the pain away fast enough from her it had taken her first but she passed in my arms i knew thats the way shewanted it she was my only best freind. though i know have my aussie cody which is my dog he will never replace her she was the first dog that i truely cared for and loved though she was only here for 5 months in her life it was lived well. and my whole family loved her deeply and there will always be a hole deep in our hearts where her joy and happiness should be. silenced
Shadow- 2/16/95 - 7/16/09

Sweet dreams Big- Boy
Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 10:28am PST