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Anyone try Skin Eze?


Little Diva
Barked: Thu Jul 23, '09 5:22pm PST 
Coco had severe allergies and is on so many meds and I wanted to try another alternative. Any info helps thanks so much!
✝ Angel- Tosha ✝

Barked: Fri Oct 2, '09 4:25pm PST 
Coco hi Tosha has had allergies for a long time, she has had the antibiotics, Predisone, name it she has had it all. I am giving her herbs and natural things. Enzymes are good. We are doing whatever we could. It's so hard when we have allergies, so very hard to get rid of. Tosha lOVES YOU.
✝ Angel- Tosha ✝

Barked: Fri Oct 2, '09 4:29pm PST 
BUMP. I have heard Skin Eze is good. I tried it a long time ago and Tosha would not chew the chewables, so i stopped it. I have heard good reviews. Love Toshawave