National Dachshund race 2009


Barked: Wed Jul 8, '09 7:39am PST 
The National Dachshund race will be held Saturday Sept.26,2009 Races only
Sunday Sept.27,2009 13 events and the Champion of Champion races for each group. We also will be having cart races.

The National Dachshund races started a circuit and this year 2 of the states will have there first race.The winners will be coming to Findlay to race against our Champions. The champions were set to race durning the Cleveland browns half time.due to the changing of staff I'm waiting to find out if this is still a go.
First race
June 14,2009-Lewisberry PA
50% of the proceeds benefit Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue.
second race
Hot dog fest-July 24th and 25th
for information e-mail

The National Dachshund races is its 9th year. we will be having special guests this year.M.E. Law will be performing her hit song from Weiner takes all.
Shane Macdougall will also be attending.He will be selling the dvd called Weiner takes all.This will be the first time you will be able to purchase this.To learn more go to

Also in the garden area will be open mic any and all who would like to sing or play.

All the information will be on soon.there will special rates in our hotels just for the races.

The National dachshund races is ran by volunteers and the funds raised are going to Charity's.
We are always looking for company's to sponsor this event,
If you would like to volunteer or be a vendor please contact me at please use the subject line for a fast reply.

Please if you will be entering your Doxie in a race make sure it is run in a safe place and ran by people who have dachshunds and know how to take care of them and a vet should be on duty.

The National Dachshund races will not be part of the Berea Oktoberfest.