The Lucky Seven Slot Room

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My Little- Demon

I am so ORNERY!- But you love me!
Barked: Sun Jul 5, '09 11:12am PST 
Welcome to The Lucky Seven Slot Room where you will find all types of slot machines from 1 cent up to $1. Pull up a cahir and start playing a machine of your choice.
♦- Hansome Jack- ♦

laid back- Hansome Jack
Barked: Tue Jul 7, '09 7:32pm PST 
Jack strolls in , looks around, nice place ya have here . waves at the cashier to give him some change for hsi dollor bill,
sits down and pullsthe lever down 2 cherries and a horseshoe
dang gum it put a another penny in .well that was a fast dollor maybe I will go try my hand at the poker table
My Little- Demon

I am so ORNERY!- But you love me!
Barked: Wed Jul 8, '09 8:44am PST 
Hi Jack, here's some Lucky Seven coins. Try again and see if you can win.

♥- TEDDY- ♥

Live-La- ugh-Luv
Barked: Fri Jul 10, '09 7:52am PST 
Teddy comes in with zoie fluff,their wondering around wondering what slot machine to try first,spots Jack,whispers to zoie,pssst dont look round but theres jack over there lets go and suprise him laugh out loudlaugh out loud
taps jack on shoulder......BOO!! dont spend it all at once laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud zoie giggles as jack nearly falls off his stall,they sit on the machines either side a jack,teddy puts a coin in pulls handle,two cherries and a gold bar in the middle come up,Dang! nearly happy dancehappy dancehappy dance

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♦- Hansome Jack- ♦

laid back- Hansome Jack
Barked: Fri Jul 10, '09 10:17pm PST 
Hey you two, what are you doing here ? Lets find a drink I wanna try another machine this one isn't going to make me a winner.
off they go Jack , Teddy and Zoie to find a drink and play some slots .
Cleo's- Silver- Springs

I am the baby- now.
Barked: Sun Sep 6, '09 7:18pm PST 
Hi, Jack, Teddy & Zoie. We have 1500 slot machines so I am sure there is one that will make you a Big winner. Try them all out.

Mr. Human
Barked: Tue Sep 22, '09 10:37am PST 
I wanna play, humom says to get off my lazy butt and put a coin in the machine.shock

Born to Nap...
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 6:17pm PST 
Hello..thought I'd stop by and play some slots...

Angel Sandra- Marie

Born to Chase
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 6:19pm PST 
Me too...Oh there are so many different kinds...any penny machines????cheer

Born to Hunt....
Barked: Mon Nov 9, '09 6:22pm PST 
Hey everyone it's Flo and my sister Flossie, stopping by for a drink and some fun....Oh I see a machine I want (Flo) Ok give me some coins so I can play too (Flossie)

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