My Little Melody

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Barked: Sun Jun 21, '09 7:31am PST 
I lost little melody only 3 days ago. She was 4 years old and the owner of my heart. Her death was so quick in coming and so unexpected. Right now I am not sure if I will ever recover from the grief of it.

I know others have experienced similar losses, but it is such a deep personal tragedy.

I never use to believe that dogs go to heaven, until I met my little Melly. I know she's there today, playing with her tennis balls, chasing Rabbits and squirrels to her hearts content.

She taught me so much about absolute love, about giving 100-percent and then doubling up on it. She was a very special girl.

She was very sick with colon cancer, but on her last few days, she got to do everything she loved. Despite her weakness, she managed to jump the fence and chase one last rabbit. While she was in the neighbors yard, she found one of their stuffed toys, so I think she thought she had caught the rabbit. She got to snuggle with Gid and Morgan, she got to play with her beloved tennis balls...even managing to get two in her mouth at one time. And best of all, she got to sleep her last night with her momma.

When we took her in to the vet for her ultrasound, everyone loved on her. I got to hold her while the vet did the ultrasound. I honestly thought that she was finally going to get help. But when the vet called in the middle of the surgery to tell me there was a mass in her colon and rectum and her lymph nodes were inlarged, I just had him put her to sleep.

How could it be? She was so young, happy and alive and now she's gone. This is the hardest loss I have ever experienced.

She was an amazing girl. She trained in agility, she wasn't afraid of anything, except the broom and the garbage can. She would do anything you asked. She would jump in the kiddy pool and take a bird bath and then be ready for me to throw the ball a hundred more times.

Oh Melly girl, I miss you so much.
Lolita, in- loving- memory

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Barked: Thu Aug 27, '09 8:16am PST 
I just read your heart-wrenching tribute to your darling Melody who passed last June. I feel your pain, and just wanted to say how sorry I am. Melly was so very young and she sounded like a gorgeous girl. It hasn't been very long and I am sure you are still grieving. I lost my old lady Lolita May '08, and I still have an empty place in my heart that will never be filled, even though I am now owned by two wonderful special kitties. The love we have for each of our fur companions is different, each one as special and irreplaceable as the next. Sympathies. Time will ease your pain, but it will never be erased. purrs, Lolita and Kinji's mewmy