I need tips..


Sookie is as- Sookie does
Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 10:28am PST 
I’ve trained other dogs before but Sookie just seems to have the shortest attention span of them all..I’ve gotten her to sit..and she knows down but will only do it if I put my hand to the ground...I’d like to teach her wait and easy (crawl) but I’m unsure of how to start...could anyone offer me some tips??

Thanks for your time snoopy

Intensely Fun
Barked: Thu Jun 18, '09 3:36am PST 
I think it's just that Sookie is so young. Just make training commands part of your normal routine, and use really smelly food (or "higher value treats") as positive reinforcement. I was training Max when he was little I used these little kibble treats, and he just didn't care. After puppy socialization, we moved to obedience training, and there I had to use cooked chicken or cheese to keep his attention. Sookie is such as little darling!!

Sookie is as- Sookie does
Barked: Thu Jun 18, '09 6:34am PST 
thanks for the help blue dog