How did you...


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...Get your name?
I've been wondering how pup's got there name. (=
I got mine from my color. Sable & White.

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My mommy named me after her BFF in high school actually
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Hi Sable, Hi Ryan! I just got to my new home. At my old home my name was Ebony but towards the end they didn't treat me very nice so I got rescued and went to a new home. I've been Ebony for 9 years but my new mama didn't really care for it. She didn't want me to have to get used to a totally new name so she shortened it to Ebbie or Ebbie lou. dog


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Connor is an honorable name in Scotland and my Mom thought it would make a great name for me, even though I was smaller than my Westie brother when they brought me home. Plus there's the Highlander thing...

Jake, my big brother was named by Dad, he says he just sort of looked like a Jake.

Jimmy, that pesty, Westie brother of ours was named because Mom liked to watch Wild Wild West as a kid, his real name is James Westie - Dad says Mom's silly.

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I'm not really sure. I am a rescue dog, and my family kept the name I arrived with. It certainly couldn't have anything to do with the fact that I like to talk!
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The Melrose Inn was a local landmark in my community, and in the midst of being demolitioned when I arrived. Melrose is part of my AKC registered name, and we settled on Mel as my everyday name.
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First thing my new owner did when she had brought me to my new home was to call her parents and aunt. Everybody started suggesting proper names for me. She did not ask for it but listened because she had had difficulties in finding good names. Every beautiful name seemed to be the name of some dog or person in her circles. So I did not get called Tara, Rose, Ruska (autumn colors), Venla or Saga. Then either her mom or aunt said Ava or Aava. Ava was too prognostic while it is short for a local agility title and Aava just did not sound like me. She changed one letter when she tried Aava and other names on her tongue. She decided to find more options but you know what happens - she tried Alva and it stuck. So my name is Alva. Around here it is a pretty name for a girl.