Advantage vs. Revolution


I'm OK, you're- OK.
Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 3:07pm PST 
Does anyone know the difference between Advantage and Revolution (which I and my 2 brothers get now)? Are they just different brands of the same product?

Shy but sweet!
Barked: Sun Jul 5, '09 8:22am PST 
I think the main difference is that Advantage kills ear mites too. Revolution or Revolution Plus does not. When I got ear mites my vet specificially gave me Advantage to get rid of them.

Long live queen- Prissy
Barked: Thu Jul 9, '09 8:49pm PST 
My brother Jack and I had used Revolution for years with no problem. We tried Advantage Multi one time. Prissy had a violent reaction to it - about 15 seconds after application she began running wildly around the house then thick white foam began dripping from her mouth, then she began to vomit. Her brother Jack also began vomiting but no foaming. I called Bayer who makes it and they said to wash out Prissy's mouth (wash out a cat's mouth), wash it off her neck immediately and not use it on either her or her brother again. I used it on my other cat's with no problem and went back to Revolution for Jack and Prissy. The interesting part is I told my vet and was told they had never heard of that type of reaction before.