Greenies and Nylabone Healthy Edibles

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You are what you- eat
Barked: Thu May 7, '09 2:10pm PST 
What's your opinion about Greenies and Nylabone Healthy Edibles - good and healthy chew treats or not?

What do you think of the INGREDIENTS?

Gelatin, wheat protein isolate, glycerin, soy protein isolate, sodium caseinate, natural poultry flavor, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, lecithin, vegetable oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), minerals (magnesium amino acid chelate, calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium pantothenate, potassium iodide), vitamins (dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate [source of vitamin E], L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate [source of vitamin C], vitamin B12 supplement, niacin supplement, vitamin A supplement, riboflavin supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, biotin, pyridoxine hydrochloride [vitamin B6], thiamine mononitrate [vitamin B1], folic acid), dehydrated tomato, apple pomace, ground flaxseed, dehydrated sweet potato, cranberry fiber, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), choline chloride, taurine, carotene, chlorophyll.

Wheat starch, glycerin, cellulose, lecithin, potato starch, natural flavor, roast beef flavor, oat fiber, calcium carbonate, soy flour & rosemary oil.

Barked: Thu May 7, '09 3:07pm PST 
I'm not a fan of either...there are healthier products out there it is just a question of cost and availablity. nts_Large_4_pack-349-0.html

However it is hard to find in some area and is more expensive, but is more digestible in case of blockage.
Miss Priss

little one
Barked: Thu May 7, '09 3:39pm PST 
Hi - I never feed greenies... Also, I only like the Nylabones that are Not edibles... The ones that are strong.
As for edibles - we do grain free treat and wheat free treats..
The ones we like are
Natural choice has a good one - with whole grains and wheat free..
I am not a fan of Nutro products but the Crunchy treats are good.

Also, we like bully sticks - not many - just 1 every other week.

We do our food - a nuvet wafer - sometimes some green beans with a dash of garlic on a treat..
I do serve the Innova Evo food as an in between treat - 4-5 bites and they think it is great. NOW we are small a Chi and a Maltese..


Got food?
Barked: Fri May 8, '09 9:13am PST 
we aren't fans of greenies either or nylabones edibles (we won't even chew the regular nylabones)

we found these

Breath-a-licious bones

and we love them! We also get Merrick Flossies for our teeth! way to go

You are what you- eat
Barked: Fri May 8, '09 9:44am PST 
We, too, LOVE the Merrick flossies and Texas Toothpicks and Bully sticks - and everything that comes in the Merrick Hungry Dog bag of mixed chewies.

Someone gave us a bag of Greenies and Nylabone Healthy Edibles as a gift (our mommy wouldn't have brought these herself), and we don't know if it be OK if we ate the ones that we have and just tell our friends not to buy any food gifts for us in the future because we are on a strict health-conscious diet... Or should we actually throw them quietly away and not hurt our friends' feelings (we've done that in the past with flimsy rawhides because Kalli almost choked on one once ), or should we re-gift them to someone else who doesn't care what they eat or whose family is on a strict budget and just can't afford to buy the better-quality treats?

45 Mile Per Hour- Couch Potato
Barked: Fri May 8, '09 12:17pm PST 
Here is my knowledge of Greenies, a little long but they are really good for the health of your dogs teeth.

I feed my dog a Greenie a day. Since Greyhounds have tendency to have some teeth problems due to the high protein wet food that they feed them when they are racing and the fact that they do not get a lot of bones to chew on, they can have some issues. There teeth are cleaned before they are adopted and as an owner I am responsible from there to make sure they stay that way. We brush her teeth and also give her Greenies.

The Greenies help keep the plaque down and keep her breath fresh. They have chlorophyll in them and that is what makes the green color.

They are easy to digest as they are flexible and made of soluble proteins that breakdown easily, easy to chew, swallow and digest. There are five different sizes which have shape and texture that match the natural way your dog's chew. The smaller chew, the softer the texture. the They work just like a tooth brush and you get good contact with each tooth. The sizes are petite, teenie, regular, large and jumbo and they also have senior and lite diet ones too.

They have a blend of natural vitamins, minerals and protein. No chemical preservatives. The four main ingredients are highly solube and digestible proteins, soy isolate protein, wheat isolate protein, sodium casinate and gelatin. The proteins begin to break down immediately once they are exposed to moisture which allows the chews progression down the dogs esophogus. Chewing helps the treat dissolve with nothing get stuck in the throat which could happen with rawhides.

They have the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of acceptance.

Got food?
Barked: Sat May 9, '09 9:02am PST 
Just curious because this means a lot to me but where are greenies made? Are they made in the USA or?

Also they are now being made by Mars and wasn't that company involved in a lot of the recalls with pet food a few years back? thinking

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You are what you- eat
Barked: Sat May 9, '09 11:06am PST 
I don't take everything I see on the internet too seriously - but I do usually want to a little more investigation when I see bad reports about something... Here's what's on Consumer Reports about Greenies:

We are going to our holistic vet today to check out the ear infection and I'll ask what her thoughts are on Greenies and Nylabone Healthy Edibles. (I wish The Whole Food Journal would do an article about these two and chews on the market!)

You are what you- eat
Barked: Sun May 10, '09 9:57pm PST 
So we asked our wonderful holistic vet yesterday wht she thinks of Greenies and Nylabone Healthy Edibles. She said that Nylabones are OK once in a while but while Greenies are good for cleaning teeth, she prefers other, healthier ways for dental health (like raw carrots and raw bones) and would not feed Greenies to her own dogs or recommend them to any of her clients...
Madison Marjorie

Serenity Now
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 7:45am PST 
Nope, not a fan of either. Our vet also doesn't recommend feeding them. There are other options like bullysticks, flossies, tracheas, fish skins etc... Easy to digest or not the ingredients are awful there are much better options.

Plus I don't trust Nutro at all.
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