Barked: Sun Apr 26, '09 6:54pm PST 
I know there's an adoption section, but I wanted to post this specifically in the Monterey Bay Dachshunds.
My little brown Dachsie, Griffin, is up for adoption. It breaks my heart to have to do it, but because of a new job I have, I am often away from home for 18 hours or more and he is alone all that time, and very unhappy about it. So, I need to find a home for him where his owner will be with him most, if not all, the time and can lavish the attention on him that he craves and deserves. He is very affectionate and LOVES to lay across your lap with his cold little nose nestled into your arm...
If you are interested, or know anyone who might be interested, please respond here intially, then we can go from there. I currently live in North Salinas, CA.
Thank you,
Michael H.

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