Help please :) Reddish/Brown spots on dog's belly!

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Good afternoon and thank you for reading.

My dog, Chanel (which she is not even a year yet), has these two spots, which are the color of a reddish brown on her groin area. Both of these spots are smaller than the tip of an eraser on a pencil.

One of the spots is a funny shape, it almost likes like a star. The other spot is a weird color. Half of the circle is a dark reddish brown with the other half of the circle being a faint pink. She hasn't seemed to itch it but she does normally seem to kind of nibble down by her groin area as to itch something.

http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e370/megnlyn29/chanelsbelly.jp g


The cluster of spots above the left circle is from her going outside this morning and getting into some dirt. Otherwise the two spots have been there for a week or so. Also, we recently went to a lake and let her walk around, so maybe it is something from that? Thank you everyone & God Bless.


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Hi - I went to the photo and could not see it... How about you send it to my e- mail...


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Sorry, hopefully the new links work smile blue dog


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hudson developed his freckles when he was about 5-7 months old. they developed almost over night & they were all over his belly.