Introduce yourself!!!

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Catch me if ya- can!!! ;)
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 10:10am PST 
Hello everyone!!! wave

In this thread you can introduce yourself and say a few things about yourself!!!
It's so we can get to know every Chi!!!

I'll go 1st!!

I'm Ellie, I'm 1 year old and I live in Ireland, in a town called Mullingar.
I have a Mommy. Her name is Caragh!
I am a teacup Chi, so they say! (I'm really a Dobermann in disguise! wink )


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Hold me please!
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 12:40pm PST 
Hi! I'm Katie and I live in Oregon.
I'm the baby of the family and spoiled totally rotten and love it cloud 9
I have a sister Molly (she's really my half sister we have the same mom) and two brothers (not really related) Sparky and Tucker. And we have a kitty too - her name is Harley. She's kind of old and grumpy but I love to visit her - she just isn't that fond of me frown
Mia My Tiny- Angel

Born to love- Mommie
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 3:11pm PST 
Hi Elli and Katie,
My name is Mia and Elli invited me to this new group, thank you for the invite.wave I am 6 yrs old, I have a brother who isn't all chihuahua he has terrier in him too. I also have three kitties Xena, Tallulah and Zeke. I love kitties, sometimes I think I am a kitty because I only had kitties around for 2 yrs. didn't know I was a dog. I am Mommies special little girl and I am spoiled. My Mommy gets very busy with her pet sitting business, but she always makes sure she spends time with us every day. We do 2 animal walks a year to raise money for our Humane societies...snoopyI joined dogster in January and I already have been chosen to be DOG OF THE DAY. I was surprised and honored!!!!!


I was born to be- loved.
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 6:39pm PST 
thank you for the invitation. my name is tiki, I live in California. I am one years old, am mommy's only fur baby. so I do get spoiled a lot, I love to get dressed up and go for walks.cheer
Crazy Daisy

Crazy little- monkey
Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 10:06pm PST 
Hi everyone! wave

My name is Daisy and I live in Enumclaw, Washington. We have two other furs in the house, a german shedder named Athena and a rottweiler named Bubba. I'm the baby of the family, I am 3 years old. I like to play in the woods and snuggle under the covers and play with my toys!
♬ Koko- ♬

I Rule The- House
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 9:41am PST 
Hi Everyfur wave

My name is Koko and I am 4 years old. I live in Las Vegas, NV dancing I am my mommy's first Chi. I live with 2 other chi's Lil' Lady who is 2 years old and my daughter Gigi who is 10 months old. We all love to snuggle with mommy so it can be interesting to see who gets the spot laugh out loud
ღ- Mojotiki- ღ

Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 3:47am PST 

HI ! SWEET CHI'S ! I'm Mojotiki and THANK YOU so much for Inviting me to Your Chi Group * I live in N. Tex. waaaaay out in the Country and I'm a Apple Head Chi * I LV WENNIES and chasing WABBITS * I LV watching my Squirrels play in our BIG Pecan trees, too * I enjoy my walks with my sissy Chi Sierra & my mommy on our Property, but I DO NOT like THUNDER or the FLOOR SUCKER * O ! YEAH ! I'm on a DANG DIET ! TOO ! * GOSH ! I have to watch my weight 'cause my WENNIE Snacks makes my Dr. Vet very UPSET ! shrug
I'm so HAPPY to be here with all you Cute Chi's !
I can't wait to meet all of YOU !
hug hug hug hug
Sybil (the- pomapoohuahu- a)

Silly- Sybil
Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 10:38am PST 
Hi Elli! My name is Sybil. I am 8 years old and live in New Hampshire, USA. My mom's name was Monet and she was part pomeranian and toy poodle. My dad's name is Cheech and he is all chihuahua. I was born on January 1st, 2001 and am the baby pup of the family. I have two, big sisters, Kiki, who is very sweet and ladylike, and ,Princess, who is very grumpy and likes to get in, my face and bark orders. I have a big brother named Harley, who makes a great pillow. I love to play fetch wilth my howling wolf. My human Mom should buy stock in the company who makes them, cause I have lost count as to how many I have destroyed.

Stinky furball
Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 11:38am PST 
Hello Everyone! My name is Ana and I live in Mexico, I have loved animasl since I can remember. Thank you for inviting me to join this group. I am owned by Jazz a 2 year old adorable chi, she is really tiny with only 3lbs, but he heart is huge! She joined this famili on December 1st 2007.

I would love to learn more about chihuahuas, and hopefully I'll adopt another doggie soon Yay!.
Tough I live in a country where animal rights aren't respected, my family and I do the best we can to give our babies what they deserve and what they need, even if that means driving for and hour to buy the food the like.

Kisses from Jazz.puppy

Gypsy Girl- Princess
Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 1:57pm PST 
wave hi i'm Gypsy (Princess Gypsy Girl)i'm tail wag'n happy to have been invited to this group...Ellie again thank you are so sweet.

i'm going to be 2 in Aug. ...i live in Illinois wif my( bestest friend )mom & dad.
i have a big fur-family.....Walker who is on Dogster's too.....Cheyanne & Cherokie they are chow-chow's.....two cats....big and scary Zee.....and Lenoria whom i pick on when mom's not lookingshh....i also have feather friends...but my buddy bird friend is Thumbleweed, a Quaker Parrot.

i've been on Dogsters since last Nov. and on Dogster's Plus since Jan

i'm a little princess and i'm treated like one
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