Newbie on the block


Captain of the- Beagle
Barked: Sat Apr 4, '09 10:14pm PST 
Hi guys I am new here and just wanted to say hello and am really hoping to make a few doggy friends with the same interests as me. I am always looking for friends with the same energy level as me and are hoping through this I will find one.

Luvin Life
Barked: Sun Apr 5, '09 3:24pm PST 
Hi Darwin..........wave Nice to meet'll meet a lot of friendly labbies here.........I see you're a Dudley......I am too.....
Tucker- Frannicola

I'm the boss,- that's why!
Barked: Mon Apr 6, '09 6:46am PST 
Hey, Darwin -

EmmaJean's right - we're a fun bunch that love to get in all kinds of trouble. Look forward to hearing from you!


BFF I- am a good Boy-
Barked: Tue Nov 22, '11 10:03am PST 
wavebig grin Hi, I am Ashton! Just joined the group today! Hoping to make alot of furiends! Nice to meet you ALL!

Hugs and Labby Licks,
hi5big hughappy dance

BFF I- am a good Boy-
Barked: Tue Nov 22, '11 10:15am PST 
wave I did not see a thread for listing B-days, so I will post it here!
Hope that is okay!

My Woofday is Sept 5th, 2006 and my Id#782176! Come visit my page!

Labby Licks,
Tucker- Frannicola

I'm the boss,- that's why!
Barked: Wed Nov 23, '11 1:17pm PST 
Hi, Ashton!

Welcome to the group! We're usually active, but with the holidays coming up, it may get a little slow. Have a happy turkey day!!
Lady Red

No place like- home!
Barked: Fri Nov 25, '11 2:43pm PST 
Hi guyswave

Me and my sisfur Lex saw your group was featured and decided we would come check you out. Usually Mom plays with our sisfurs Sophie (pug) and Molly Mae (bloodhound) on dogster but we decided us labbies was gettin short changed so Mom said we could join a lab group.

Jumpin' Java
Barked: Thu Dec 1, '11 8:47am PST 
Hello, I'm new too. All of our cats play in the catster groups and Mommy said that I could join this group and have some friends of "my own kind". BOL

Nice to meet you all.

Barked: Mon Jan 9, '12 5:21pm PST 
Red posted earlier but Mom said I could do my own post. So wave to eberydoggy!
Tucker- Frannicola

I'm the boss,- that's why!
Barked: Tue Jan 10, '12 8:09am PST 

That's for Mommy for not checking in with our furriends for such a long time!

Welcome to all new members of the group! We're normally a chatty bunch, but the holidays have had everyone running crazy. Feel free to ask ANYTHING --we'll try to answer (sometimes we'll even be helpful!!)