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*Gypsy*~Lost- 7-04-2006

Wish You Were- Here
Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 10:07pm PST 
kittyHello dare....My name is Gypsy and this is my story:
Mimi brought me home to her house to live wif' a bunch of rescues. At the time she didn't even know what a feral was. I lived wif' her and my house mates for about 2 years until I went went AWOL. It is unknown at dis time wefer I am on earth or at The Bridge. I wish der was some way I could let her know. All she has is my memories deep inside her heart and she tinks of me ever single day. She knows dat I loved her, but I was bery shy and deathly afraid of de 2 cats, Sonny and Zorro already living dere. Candy-O and Peachy, my doggy mates were bery good to me. Mimi somehow sensed dat I wished fur my life back on the streets near where she used to work. She worried 'bout me all de time and felt guilty she had taken me away from my old neighborhood.

July 4th 2006 was a bery scary night....Zorro had chased me out of the house and fireworks were going off everywhere. Dat was the night I disappeared. Mimi swears she saw me several times in the neighbor, but she's getting a little old and confused about whether it was her imagination or if it was in really me.shrug

Mimi sez a lot of blessings came as a result of her loving me and she knows one day at the appointed hour, she and I will be reunited. Shout Hallelujah! She sez she would never know about the plight of little ferals if it hadn't been for me. In the meantime, you may want to visit Alley Cat Allies
It explains all about little kitties like me, that our lives try to be happy at
times 'cept for bein' targeted victims of mistreatment by others, starvation, imprisonment and extreme fearfulness and shyness. Tank yoo fur readin' my story.

My Guardians are wif' me always wefer I'm here or there,
Little Gypsykitty
*Gypsy*~Lost- 7-04-2006

Wish You Were- Here
Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 10:58pm PST 
It is so important dat Yang does not go unremembered or without tributes.
We humbly tank those beautiful earthly angels who tended to him during his short life. But fur dem and der posts we would have never known about Yang. We can all feel a certain measure of comfort that he had a purpose for being here and he did not leave without knowing the compassion and mercy of hoomans.

Dis article is a reprint from a memorial site and not of my Mimi's creation. She jes wanted to pass along a gentle reminder fur us to keep in our hearts those little kitties and doggies who were not remembered and why it's so important to spay & neuter.

As of dis hour on March 10, 2009, there have been 25,509,034 companion shelter animals euthanized in the US since Oct 2001.
So many sacrifices in communities whose members are bereft of the value of the sanctity of life....many say they just don't like to think about it...the same ones who want to see perpetrators of animal cruelty given harsher prison sentences....further, they deem shelter "euthanasia" is a necessary public function.shrug

Take a moment and find their sanctuary of simple peace and perfect surroundings...let yourself transcend the sadness and begin to feel the peace that love can bring. Let your heart fill wif' love. Allow love and peace to flow through you. Let yourself feel the love become so strong that you know all these unremembered little souls have perfect lives and perfect bodies in Everlasting Arms.hug

..Pay your respects to all animals who have suffered and died in shelters.
...Say a prayer for them.
...Send them your love.
...Send your love to the shelter workers who care for the homeless animals in your community.
...Say a prayer for all hoomans and the companion animals in your community.
...Take the simple steps to prevent further euthanasia by: educating others; acquiring companion animals through rescue and adoption; volunteering a little time online or in person; saving a life; spaying & neutering; and keeping the animals for their natural lifetime.way to go

May all beings be free from suffering
May all beings be at peace

Remembering The Unremembered,
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