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Barked: Thu Mar 5, '09 1:33pm PST 
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Barked: Thu Oct 22, '09 9:02am PST 
Am bummed that allergies are a pre-existing condition so Binx can't get it. frown
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Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 12:38am PST 
Binx, You can call Trupanion with any questions you have 24 hours a day. They are very helpful.

You can still get insurance through Trupanion even if you have allergies. If you have a pre-existing condition,which for you would be your allergies, just that condition wouldn't be covered. So you will still be able to get insurance coverage if you'd like.

In my situation, I had a fatty lipoma removed earlier this year, so that pre-existing condition (fatty lipoma) isn't covered for me. I was still able to sign up though, and I have coverage for all other accidents/illnesses. My mom thought that insurance was still worthwhile despite that exclusion. So she signed me up with Trupanion.

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Barked: Sun Mar 20, '11 10:33am PST 
Hi, would like to know, as an FIV+ cat, would any condition that I had be considered pre existing? Momma wants to take our pet insurance for me, but is concerned, because I am FIV+ and 4 years old. (I was found outside on the street.)

Just wondering!

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Barked: Thu Jun 23, '11 1:10pm PST 
Hi Smokie,
Sorry for the delay in response! Yes, unfortunately FIV would be considered pre-existing. So sorry that you have it, but sounds like you have an amazing mom to take you in off the streets!