God has a new Angel...

♥Mr.T- ♥ - R.I.P.

Born to be- loved...........- .....
Barked: Tue Jan 13, '09 1:22pm PST 
We're broken hearted over the loss of our precious Mr.T. But find comfort in knowing that God takes each pet gently in his arms and places them on the lap of an Angel.
We lost a part of our hearts on Saturday, December 6th. Mr. T went to the rainbow bridge. He is now free of pain and can once again run and play. Our famiy is heartbroken and trying so very hard to put the pieces back together again. Please think of T and say a little prayer. He was the best dog, the best brother, the best friend. He was loving, kind, gentle, devoted and faithful. Every morning without fail, he would greet his Mommy with hugs and kisses. Goodbye Sweet Boy, we love you. You'll be with us always.
little angel