potty training blues, HELP!


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Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 9:11pm PST 
I have a 3 month old shih tzu and I just adore her but I cant get her potty trained. I have pee pads and I also take her outside frequently. She will pee anywhere in the house and especially a piece of clothing on the floor or a blanket. When I take her outside she wont pee at all but as soon as we come back in, she goes. I could really use some suggestions. She is causing me to do laundry constantly and I'm also watching and waiting for my toddler son to step in a mess.

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Barked: Wed Jan 14, '09 8:01am PST 
Hi, I had some issues with potty training too. Be Patient! Some take awhile to train. I found that leaving a pee pad with some pee on it helped. Then they have an idea of what it's for. I believe there are also pads that are "sented" look at Petsmart or somewhere comperable. Also I found treats and praise are biggies. Make a huge fuss over her when she does do the right thing. Boo is one who does no respond well to being yelled at, if you must scold make sure you catch her when she is peeing! and put her where you want her to go - pad or outside. Never ever hit or push the nose in it. Not effective and it's mean. If none of this works call your breeder or your Vet they should be happy to help. Good Luck!

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Barked: Mon Feb 2, '09 7:10pm PST 
I have had the opposite problem. I had my male (Rascal) Shih Tzu pad trained well until we added a female Shih Tzu (Tina) to our family and he regressed a little - I'm thankful that was short lived. Now, Rascal is 9 months and is urinating some times on the pad and some times on the carpet or the linoleum. I have THE cleanest carpets and floors due to this.
I am watching him ALL the time. If I see he urinates on the pad - he gets a treat and I make a BIG deal about it. He has done it before and I will get him trained again. Be patient - it does take time, but it is worth it when your furbaby goes where it's supposed to. Good Luck!! puppy

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Barked: Mon Apr 13, '09 4:43pm PST 
Hi, We had the same problem with our now 10 month old Kirby II.
He was pee pad trained when we brought him home at 3 1/2 months and thought it was going to be easier to train him to go outside. Well, he too, would go out, do nothing, come in and pee on the pad but mostly on a carpet. It did seem to help leaving a pad that had been peed on before but every day he'd pee in several locations whether he had been out or not. Odd thing was that he held it over night. Then a miracle happened. We had him neutered and from that day forward he has never peed in the house again. If we had known that would work we would have had him done before 9 months old. Hope this helps. Kirby II and Rocky

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Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 12:54pm PST 
OMG, You have NO IDEA what I have been through to pooty-train my Shih-tzu.. She would do the same thing, not wanting to go pee outside.I would leave her out there for an hour, and she would come right in, and pee on the floor.She also LOVED to pee and poop on blankets, just not on her pee pad! We came up with a schedule that really saved me! happy dance We would take them out straight after they got up, after breakfast, after lunch,@ 4:00,after dinner, and before bedtime. Also, if they went to the door and started sniffing around, we would let them out. At first I would have to go out, and watch her, because she wouldn't go, and the come inside and do her buisness. We set up a "potty-place" where we put all the "potty" in that one spot. It makes the yard cleaner, and the kids don't constantly step in poop. It also dosen't gross out company, when there used to be poop everywhere. We would take her to the spot, and say" Go potty". You should come up with a fraze, so that your dog knows every time you say that, you want her to use the bathroom. It really helped. Thats wht helped me. Hope this helps!