Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 8:15am PST 
puppy Tell us about y our mutt!!!! where is he from what mix or any others!snoopythinkingdogblue dog

Roadrunner and- Jumping Jack
Barked: Sat Jan 17, '09 2:38pm PST 
Hi huys! im a mut!

ok. my mixed breed Sweetie is mixed with Basenji and Rat terrier. She is so sweet and smart. She is from Great Falls, SC

A.K.A. Mr.- Eats-Alot
Barked: Thu Jan 29, '09 2:07am PST 
I'm Milky. I dunno what mix I amshrug And I come from my mom dancing

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Suzie Q Of- Denville
Barked: Sun Jul 5, '09 5:04pm PST 
I'm Suzie, I came from 11th hour rescue. We think I'm a GS mix just not sure with what else .

Barked: Sun Jul 19, '09 11:12am PST 
I'm Ozzy, I am a mix between Chihuahua, Bichon Fise, and West Highland White Terrior.
I am from Utah.snoopy

Merry Christmas!
Barked: Thu Apr 8, '10 8:02am PST 
I'm a mutt!

My name is Ginger, and I have no idea what breeds are in me! I have some Chihuahua, though. laugh out loud

Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 4:24pm PST 
Hi all sorry It has been a while how is everyone?

Riley - Princess of My- Heart
Barked: Mon Dec 19, '11 10:56am PST 
My puppy Riley has some Beagle in her we just don't know what else laugh out loud

if you can chew- it I will!!
Barked: Sat Jan 7, '12 3:29pm PST 
hi in nalla i just now i made of out cutepuppy