Me and my nose


Born to Run
Barked: Tue Dec 23, '08 8:41pm PST 
I'm Tank a german shepherd/malamute cross with a HUGE shepherd nose! I had eights pups with a purebred collie (with even a bigger nose!) Charlie, one of the pups is on here. He's got a big nose as well BOL! I just joined this group too!

Barked: Mon Jan 26, '09 6:18am PST 
I just joined the group as well. I'm a Standard Poodle with a HUGE nose, even for a poodle (who are well-known for their most prominent facial feature). It's an elegant proboscis, despite its size.

Xena the warrior- puppy
Barked: Thu Jul 9, '09 9:31pm PST 
I love your poodle nose


Born to Run
Barked: Wed Sep 9, '09 4:45pm PST 
i love ur nose too!!! lol tht sounds so weird haha. mom loves big noses on doggies. smile