Newbie here!


"If it smells- good - EAT IT!"
Barked: Sat Dec 20, '08 8:42pm PST 
Hi, my name is Pedro and I am so excited to be here - have any of you seen "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

Do we rock or what? hamster dance

I'm goona be a- big dog someday
Barked: Fri May 8, '09 2:23am PST 
Hi Pedro I haven't seen it yet but I really want to. My mom and Nana want to be together with me and Bella Chica when we see it.wave

Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 3:49pm PST 
HI! I'm Willy and I'm new here...I don't have a Chihuahua as of yet, but I do plan to adopt one...or soon as I possibly can once I can finally get moved back out West again. Just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone. smile blue dog