Jayke's Big Hug Day

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Bark at- everything!
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 12:18pm PST 
Welcome to the the First Annual Jayke's Big Hug Day.
A year ago December 11, our dear pal Jayke crossed to the rainbow Bridge at age 15.

Jayke's story is that of a life filled with love and courage and "attitude above all else". It is the story of a family who never gave up and a dog with a huge heart.

There are many lessons to be learned from Jayke's life. But what he and his family would like is that we honor his memory with hugs, his favorite way to start the day.

We remember that smile!

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NC Pack

Cyrus,- Kiara,- Joe
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 4:03am PST 
Jayke.... here is a big hug to you and all our pup palshug Jayke and his family are such an inspiration to living life and never giving up......what a great way to start our day with a big hug to everyone in honor of Angel Jayke.
Cyrus, Kiara, and Joe

Bark at- everything!
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 5:17am PST 
Morning everyonewave

Mom gave both of huge hugs before we even out out of bed this morning.
Nick and I loved itcloud 9
Mom gave dad a big hug too before he left for work.

Nick, Always- in our- Hearts

I'm one happy- rescue pup!
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 5:18am PST 
Our house is filled with the spirit of Jayke today.hughughug

I wonder if mom's gonna hug the UPS man today????
Nicholas- 17yrs 2mths- (Rainbow

Little dog, Big- attitude :)
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 5:40am PST 
Big Hugs to you Jayke from your 'Bridge Buddy' - little Nicholas.

We crossed over to Rainbow Bridge only 8 days apart, and we've been good mates ever since little angellittle angel

Special Hugs to you today hughughughughughughughug

The AUSSIE- Girl's

Girl\'s Just- Wanna Have Fun- !!!
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 5:45am PST 
Dogster was a sadder place 1 year ago, because it lost a beautiful soul - Jayke.
You were such an inspiration to us all big guy.

We miss hearing about your travels in the 'Jaykemobile'

Sending you hugs from Down Under mate

DUKE (in- loving- memory)

At the Rainbow- Bridge.
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 6:06am PST 
Jayke buddy, grab Nicholas and get him in the Jaykemobile and let's take offblue dog We can give hugs to all our bridge palshughug and let them know how much we love themcloud 9
Jayke (A- life well- lived!)

Attitude above- all else!
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 6:34am PST 
Good morning pup pals! The Jaykemobile is all warmed up and ready to collect all the Bridge pals. We've got lots to do today and lots of hugs to make.

I saw dad reading through my memory book this morning. His eyes were leaking so I sent little Benson over with the rope so they could play. Benson got a whole bunch of hugs and a treat too!

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Eat, sleep, play- & nap...Life is- great!
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 6:40am PST 
Lucy, the picture for Jayke's Big Hug Day is pawsome!
blue dog
Nick, Always- in our- Hearts

I'm one happy- rescue pup!
Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 6:41am PST 
Morning Jaykewave Mom had leaky eyes too reading your diaries and setting up this thread.

But then Lucy and I got in a great bitey-face match so mom got down on the floor and played with us. It was so fun. She never does that!!! And the leaky eyes were gonebig grin
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