Welcome to the group. Please Introduce yourselves

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♥Lady- ♥

Born to have- fun, Lady
Barked: Mon Oct 13, '08 3:50pm PST 
wave Hi and Welcome

I have started this group for everyfur. I have learned how to make pictures and I just like doing it.

So I have decide to start this group for those of you that don't know how to make a picture or for those of you that don't have time to make them.

Please feel free to invite your friends to the group if you like the work I do.

Lady & Max
Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Mon Oct 13, '08 7:14pm PST 
Hi Lady!!!

It's me Banners! cheer That's really nice of you to offer to make pictures. I know there's a lot of pups who would want them!
♥Lady- ♥

Born to have- fun, Lady
Barked: Tue Oct 14, '08 2:56am PST 
wave Banners I'm glad you joined. cheercheercheercheer


Barked: Tue Oct 14, '08 5:48pm PST 
HI everyone. Thanks for the invite. I am speaker for my whole Family. MAMA has learning disabilities and whats someone to help her learn how to make banners for the Group page and our Furblings pages. She has tried to edit pics but no good. MAMA has a lot of nice backgrounds and pics saved but does not know how to get the codes to put them on our pages or how to get us in the pictures.
COCO N Wooly just got married and we would like to get them in these pics natural or 2 legged and no one will help us. Can you? Thanks
luv N licks Mr BARNEY N FAMILY

Uh oh...
Barked: Tue Oct 14, '08 8:38pm PST 
Hi Lady, Max, Banners, and Barney! It's nice to be here! Max, I think this is wonderful of you to do this, what a guy!! Hoping I can learn some tips from you!!
♥Lady- ♥

Born to have- fun, Lady
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 2:46am PST 
Hi Barney and Doc wave Barney I can sure try to help you anyway I can. I'm willing to help out anypup. I had some nice pups out there that helped me out when I joined. So I thought I would return the favor by starting this group.

Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 10:44am PST 
Hi I am Max I have the group Black and Tan Dogz of the world I would love to be able to Make pictures for the group and other things I am having trouble getting a Guestbook into my own profile but would love some help I am upset I can not do it.
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 1:44pm PST 
blue dog AROOOOWOOOO my name is Lil Miss Mya and I am a 1 year old Siberian Husky. I live in Selma, California but I was born to a breeder in Stark, Kansas. I thought this was a great group to join because, well I will put it lightly, Mommy is artisically challenged BOL. I hope to make some new pals here. Thank you Max for extending an invite my way. blue dog Hugs, Howls & Husky Luv Lil Miss Mya snoopy
♥Lady- ♥

Born to have- fun, Lady
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 2:07pm PST 
Hi wave I'm glad you all made it here. I will try to teach you to make pictures too.
Maxmillion- Winston,- PAWS

"One in a- Million"
Barked: Wed Oct 15, '08 3:09pm PST 
blue dogkittywave Hi Max & Lady, I'm going to be the "spokesdog" for the furmily. Thanks for telling me about this group Max. I love the pictures on your page & Lady's. Mommy is doing ok making some things from Imikimi, but there is so much more she would like to do to our pages & just isn't able to do it.

Intro of the furmily:
Snickers, gray Maine Coon, is the the oldest. He just turned 13. He's still not thrilled about me being in the furmily after 9 years.

Iggy, the orange & white kitty, is the next in line. He is 10 & is a big momma's boy. He & I are best buddies, most of the time.

Sassy, the little orangie, is our niece. Our sister moved back home after she graduated from grad school & Sassy is her kitty. She's the only girl & the baby, so she gets spoiled a lot. She gets in her share of trouble too. She is 17 months old, so really still a playful kitten.

I'm the one & only doggie in the furmily. I'm a Bichon & 9 years old. I'm also a big momma's boy. Isn't that why she has us furbabies? I think I'm her favorite, but I won't tell the other ones.

My sweet wife, angel girl Brandi Jo, made her journey to the Bridge on 10/6/08. She was 14 years old & had lots of health problems. I miss her, but know she is happy now & no longer in any kind of pain. She's watching over me now.

That's is pretty much the furmily. We hope to learn some things about pictures, or will appreciate more than words can say having someone help make special pictures.

Thanks so much Max for telling me about your group.

Max & angel girl Brandi Jo
blue doglittle angel
Meows & Purrs,
Snickers, Iggy & Sassy
kitty kitty kitty
hug hug hug hug hug
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