Fun Facts Of Friends!

Elvis- "Adopted!"

Eat and Sleep- Elly
Barked: Wed Oct 8, '08 11:21am PST 
This is a cool game. Whoever is above you, either say some fun facts about them, something nice, or a funny quote. It must be at least 2 sentences. Here is an example:
Angel: Well theres my friend Buster up there! He is a playful bull dog, and he loves his chew toy! He is 5 years old and lives in CA. And he is so sweet!
Lightning: Theres that cutie Angel up there! The cutest cocker spaniel on the block! And the sweetest! Look at her little baby face!
Max: It is stormy here! I knew you were here Lightning! You got a brother named Thunder? Because its starting to Thunder!
---------------------------------------------------------- --
Now you try! Ready? Ok! blue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dogblue dog