It shore is quiet around here........


I'm a- Lover!
Barked: Tue Aug 19, '08 7:34pm PST 
Sure is quiet around here..... We have spent all day running around in the yard and decided to check up on our pals. Just saying Woof!

To reconstruct- every mummy's- shoes!
Barked: Tue Aug 26, '08 6:54am PST 
Wooooooofsssss to ya Dylan! big fat wet kisses!!*mwah mwah*
Good Gollie- Miss Mollie

I am All That- and a bag of- chips
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 9:04pm PST 
cheer Wake up, Wake up, lets bite them in the butt to get them up

Woof Woof

Delgado in- his real- Home

Are ya gon' let- BSL take me? Me?- ME?!?!
Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 4:50am PST