Good Vet who knows Frenchies in SF


Ace of Spades
Barked: Fri Aug 15, '08 8:14pm PST 
Hi all, I was wondering if you know of any great vets in SF who really knows Frenchies real well?? My boy is not coming home until October but I wanted to start checking around to see which vet would be the best for him.big grin

I'm go crazy for- people.
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 8:48pm PST 
Lola currently goes to All Pets Hospital. It's an older clinic but the vets are extremely knowledgable.

If I had ulimited amounts of money I would goto San Francisco Veterinarian Specialist. SFVS on Alabamaba Street. They have a 24 hour emergency room and I have been there with friends pets or my own 4 times. Each time I was blown away by the care. It's as good as it gets and more.
But you'll be blown away by the bill to...
If your getting a new Frenchie be sure to sign up for pet insurance.
Allthough my girl has always had perfect health.

Ace of Spades
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 11:01pm PST 
Thanks Lola! I heard that All Pets is great! Thanks for the tip on the 24 hour hospital. My coworkers swear by Mission Pet Hospital so Ace has an appt. there next week. Of course if I don't feel comfortable there I will consider switching vets. See you around Delores Park soon!blue dog