Pawsome Chicken

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Barked: Sat Aug 9, '08 8:58pm PST 
Mom's been making this up for us lately!

1 cup cooked rice
1/2 cup steamed and diced green beans
1/2 cup steamed and diced carrots
2 chicken breaast, boiled and chopped

At our house we chill and serve mixed with some low fat cottage cheese for some happy pups! You can also substitute steamed Tilapia (fish) for the chicken.
Chloe Chanel

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Barked: Fri Jan 23, '09 7:22pm PST 
I had this tonight! Not so much but mom fixed enough for tomorrow too! I ate it all! Yummy!

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Barked: Sun Jan 25, '09 5:11am PST 
I'll try to bark Mommy into making that for me. Sounds grreat!


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Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 3:16pm PST 
If youse don't gets along wiff rice youse can substitute smushed tatersdancing

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Barked: Sun Mar 29, '09 10:16am PST 
Mom makes the same thing fur us but she is lazy so she uses frozen green beans and peas and carrots. Sometimes she adds cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes instead of or in addition to rice too. Yum. way to go

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Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 12:24pm PST 
wave Mom and I thought we would pop into this group to ask about recipes that would be okay for my pancreatitis. This one sounds perfect! Thank you!! cheer