I'm new here, and I LOVE my mommy!

Tiny Tina

Fearless to the- point of- reckless
Barked: Thu Aug 7, '08 7:44am PST 
This is the perfect group for me, because I absolutely LOVE my mommy! She went out of town over the weekend and I worried Daddy to death because I wouldn't eat. Usually by day two of me pouting and refusing food, he makes me a scrambled egg, which he knows I can't resist. Mommy came home after four days, and Daddy had managed to get me to eat some, but I just like to have her here all the time!

Will jump for- biscuits
Barked: Sun Aug 24, '08 2:57pm PST 
I know how you feel. I love my mommy too! When she and daddy went to Las Vegas, I was left with another family. I kept them up all night because I was whining. I missed her soooo much. But, she check up on me every day with a phone call.

Wheres- my- frisbee!!!
Barked: Thu Sep 4, '08 8:38am PST 
I know how you feel Tina I can't stand it when my mom has to go anywhere without me. I will run from door to door and cry and then go sit on my moms desk that over looks the outside and watch for her to come home everyday. My dad tries to comfort me but I really just want my mom....snoopy