Greatest American Dogsters and Catsters!

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Barked: Fri Mar 6, '09 9:31am PST 
I can stand on my two back legs and give mommy lots of sloppy kisses and I clean mommies feet too I also am my mommies service companion I can go every where and they know when I am with mommy I am working

You just HAVE to- pet meee!!
Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 2:42pm PST 
My mommy says that it's really cute that if you say words like really low and like a question then i will turn my head to the side really cute and i will turn my head anytime you want me to you just have to talk like that and you will laugh your head off.

Princess- Birdykins
Barked: Tue Mar 10, '09 3:22pm PST 
I can do multiple somersaults in a row. I make all the kids at the park laugh. Mommy calls me a "ham". I also drink water from the water fountain, which is more cute than a trick.

Oh, and I do uppies, really well. Makes people chuckle. Hard not to laugh at the antics of an a-dal-able Dal.

☼Annie- ☼

Tricks bring me,- Mama, and all- else joy!
Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 9:20am PST 
I respond to over 100 tricks and commands. Mama thinks that I'm amazing.

I really help her to get through her sicknesses, losses, and troubles. Mama says I'm a little miracle on four legs. BOL! big laugh

I can understand human language. Mama uses words and phrases that she knows I understand for me to really get it.

She really thinks that I'm the greatest American dog.

Puggle loves!


P.S.- check out my pupfile to see my tricks. There's no way I could name them all now, BOL! Big fan of the show. way to go

Barked: Fri Jun 26, '09 9:23am PST 
I am proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!! I didn't know any tricks when Mom adopted me. I had been kept in a crate all my life (you can read my story on my page). I didn't even know what toys or treats were. I didn't even know how to play with another dog. Now I have fun EVERY day. And I love to do tricks for my Mom. She has taught me to sit, shake, sit-up, down, roll over, speak, and we are still working on a good crawl. AND I have news for those that say Pekingese are not a smart dog. YES, THEY ARE!!
snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy snoopy

Barked: Mon Jun 29, '09 1:05pm PST 
happy dancehappy dance I can dig holes in the sand at the beach.hamster dancehamster dance I am very fast too! When I am done I like to sit in them like a fort and peep out at everyone.snoopysnoopyblue dog

I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Fri Sep 11, '09 4:21am PST 
I can Raise the Woof and Walk! See my diary fur details!
☼Annie- ☼

Tricks bring me,- Mama, and all- else joy!
Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 10:23am PST 
So many grrreat tricks!

will do tricks- for treats!!!!
Barked: Tue Feb 9, '10 2:27pm PST 
um i can do 23+ tricks but i havent been able to train more latlty bcause ive been ill
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