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♥- Sandy~SD- ♥

Handy Sandy- Loves to Dance!
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 7:43pm PST 
Since I am starting this thread. I sure hope that some of you other furs who live here in VA will take part in this.

Well my name is Sandy and I am my mommy's Service Dog. I was born in MO and came to live in VA when I was 3mos old.

You can say anything you want about yourself.
Whiskey- (7/5/92 - 9/29/08)

Aren't I a- handsome angel?
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 7:46pm PST 
Well Sandy is my younger sister. Let me tell ya she is one BIG doglaugh out loud

Now me I am now a 16yr old sheltie. Today is my barkday party My sister calls me the lil ole guy so I guess we are even when I call her the big brown thingbig laugh
Rascal- (4/9/96-6/16- /10)

I am a pawty- animal!
Barked: Sat Jul 5, '08 7:49pm PST 
Now Sandy and Whiskey are my sister and brother.
Like Whiskey I am also a sheltie. He and I were both born here in VA. Sometimes I do live up to my name Rascal. I do enjoy being a rascally Rascal. If you would like find out what I mean you can check out some of my diaries.



got meat?
Barked: Mon Jul 14, '08 6:06pm PST 
I'm Willy. I'm a 2-year old chocolate lab. I am very friendly. I am terrified of the vacuum cleaner!!!

Flee, Fools,- Flee
Barked: Thu Aug 21, '08 1:07pm PST 
My name is Gandalf and I will be one at the end of the month.
I was born in Rochester New Hampshire. I live in Virginia

I was born on mommy and daddy's anniversary.
♥- Sandy~SD- ♥

Handy Sandy- Loves to Dance!
Barked: Mon Aug 25, '08 7:37pm PST 
Thanks for sharing with us Gandalf and party happy 1st birthday party

maximus ruler- of - mechanicsville
Barked: Sat Oct 25, '08 4:47pm PST 
hi everybody im Max and im 10 mos old i live in VA with my big sis Smokey and my big bro King
Gator Bait

I didn't know- they where- expensive!!!
Barked: Thu May 28, '09 1:01pm PST 
I am Gator Bait. I was rescued in Louisiana. We will live here for a little while longer. I rescued my Mom when she lost her Grandmother and moved to another part of the country. She took me home from the Pound but I rescued her when in need. Dad calls me her growth. We are always together. (well, when she isn't in school or at work.)