6 month old biting


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Barked: Tue Jul 1, '08 11:33am PST 
Coco is 6 months old. He is the happiest, most friendlist, cuddling puppy. During certain times of the day (after my grandkids come home) he bites and bites. I have tried yelping at him, saying ouch, using squirt bottles, saying no, ignoring him, pushing him away...nothing works. I've watched Cesar Millan and have tried what he says to do and that doesn't work either. I'm out of things to try. I'm consistent with saying no but he thinks it's ok.

Big Al
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 12:35pm PST 
Keep saying no! My hu-sis is having this problem with her puppy (4 months) right now and she keeps doing that and it's getting better. Make sure to keep some of the toys she can chew on around, so when you pull away and say "no" you can quickly give her the chew toys!
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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 9:08pm PST 
My CoCo also bites. She is also a very good girl and loves to cuddle. She usually starts biting when my little boys get her all excited (same as your grandkids). When we have to tell her no several times, she has to go to "time out" in her kennel with her chew toys until she calms down. I'm pretty sure it will get better as she matures and the newness wears off from the boys.


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Barked: Fri Sep 12, '08 12:08pm PST 
I listened to Posey's trainer who recommended yelping loudly when Posey bit but that didn't really work. Eventually it was the "no" that won out. I consistently said "no" (like you're doing) then ignored her. It took a few weeks and she still bites sometimes when she gets wound up, but her biting has dropped significantly. Hope this helps!