2 Huskies shot in Florida...

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Barked: Wed Jun 4, '08 6:25am PST 
Those of you who know me, know how much I love my Husky, Kya. Reading about these 2 Huskies who were cruelly shot multiple times in Florida was heartbreaking. And it PISSED me off! Fortunately, the dogs will survive, but with serious injuries. I've been in contact with the owner of the Huskies this morning and let him know that I would reach as many people as I could about this horrible incident.

Here is a link to a news story about the shooting:

http://www. orlandosentinel. com/news/local/orl-dogshot3108may31,0,6592718. story

Here is a link to the disturbing video that shows the shooting:

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=GtYKvnSGqJU

The shooter, Christopher Comins, has been charged with firearm offenses in the past, including "improper exhibition of a firearm." He also held a gun to the head of his girlfriend's son, but was not charged.

Here's a link to an on-line petition encouraging authorities to file charges against the shooter. Please sign! It only takes a minute.

http://www. thepetitionsite. com/50/justice-for-husky-dogs-shot-in-orange-county-florida

And most importantly, there has been a fund set up to accept donations towards the vet care for the dogs. The bills have reached $2500 and are still growing because one of the dogs is still under a vet's care.

Any amount helps!

http://www. pbase. com/barryvaught/hoochieraleyfund

Thanks to all the caring people out there who take the time to read this and take action!