New Game.... Rottie, Nottie or Kittie above me!

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Rosie (In- Loving- Memory)

Wosie Woo
Barked: Tue May 13, '08 9:03pm PST 
I love to play games! This should be lots of fun!

Go to the Pup's page above your post and say something about there page. (A Little about him/her). Feel free to leave them a Rosetta if you wish! Then the next pup will say something about you!

Who wants to go first??????



Just give me- lovin!!!
Barked: Tue May 13, '08 9:54pm PST 
Me!!!wave I am going first!!

Rosie's page definately shows her character! Pictures of fun and games, and she is the center of it all! Her music choices show she is a traditional gal, liking Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison, and the Beatles, but also new and modern, with Shania Twain!cheer Plus, she has a LOT of family! Lots of room for love in her home!!! I left her a pretty pink Rosette!!

OK, next pupper?wavebig grindancinghappy dance

Queen of Sheeba!
Barked: Wed May 14, '08 7:54am PST 
Me, Me! wave I want to go next!

By looking at Maven's page, and also knowing her some. She is a Lady! She loves her buddy Orson very much, even though she tries to hide it sometimes. BOL! Maven loves it when she gets mail! She also loves Frosty Paws! Yummy.

Maven recently had knee surgery, and seems to be doing better! She has lots of Pals!

Love Ya My Friend!

Ok who wants to go next?????dog


Queen of Sheeba!
Barked: Wed May 14, '08 8:04am PST 
Oh one more thing about Maven... She LOVES to lay on her Dad's Lap! BOL! She also loves her Wisconsin Cheesesmile

Barked: Wed May 14, '08 10:11pm PST 
Oh, my pal Mads! wave
Well, I would say she is very energetic and playful, but watch out when it comes to her bones!!shocklaugh out loud

She was a VERY cute puppy, but had to go live somewhere bad for awhile. She got rescued though, and now lives the high life with her Mommies!!!

She is pretty much a 'puter whiz, enjoys the gadgets and widgets we can put on our pages! She is quite active, in MANY groups besides our few shared Rottie ones.

Plus, she made one of her pictures turn into a Half-human- half-dog in a dress!!! That kind of creeps me out a bit, sorry Mads! I much prefer you in your "natural" form, BOL!shrug

Oh, and she is also a very generous girl, giving out lots of Rosettes and Pawresents to many lucky pups and kits!applause

I love my Matty Moo, and am glad she is my friend!happy dance
Satiba (In- Memory)

Hop Hop Hop
Barked: Thu May 15, '08 7:48am PST 
I have to be next. Orson here are the things I know about you from your page. Your a free range Doofus did you hear about the size of his yard he gets to play in? He can hold more tennis balls in his mouth then a pack of dogs can play with (3). He was the best Dog of the Day. He has a great sense of humor, he's always laughing about something. He tries to be top dog at home but I think his sister pushes him aside whenever he gets too uppity. He has been living with some medical issues, but he deats, his mommy is as good as a doctor. He has the greatest Sister in the world. I left him a bug to play with, I hope he has fun. He is Outrageous, Randy, Shy, Oofie and Neat, He's Orson.

Love the Bunnypuppy

Just give me- lovin!!!
Barked: Thu May 15, '08 7:44pm PST 
I have to go again, because the Rottie Above Me is my SISSER!!!
big grinwavecheer


She is a well educated and well spoken woman of the world. She has traveled many different places, and in style! She has her own RV, and her Princessmobile is a chariot dedicated to her comfort.
She has been to many places, and welcomed with open arms. She is happiest when the weather is cool, and snow and water bring her much butt-wiggling-joy!
She is beating down the stigma of being a Rottweiler, and changes many peoples opinions of us by being such a lady. Way to go, Bunny!!
She goes to wonderful places like Bonnies, Point St. Isabel Dog Park, and Mudpuppies, and for her it is like Cheers- everyone knows her name! SATIBA!!!!!
She is extremely photogenic, and loves to smile for her photoshoots, as long as a Frosty Paw is forthcoming ASAP!wink
She had a wonderful love affair with her now-Angel boyfriend, Sammy, and is still a big hit with the fellas. Lots of stars and gifties from the boys! All she has to do is crook her little toe, and they fall to their knees!!cheer
There are many wonderful memories in her photos and videos. Also many adventures yet to be had for our Bunny, and we don't begrudge her them one iota!
Her diaries are an excellent read, perhaps she should publish a book of her Tails. I would buy it!!!applause
Most of all, you can see the love of her pawrents in her page, for without them, she would just be a "dog", living a life that maybe wouldn't be so great, had they not found her wandering about with that bicycle chain on her neck. Peeps are put in our paths for a reason, and a girl as special as Satiba would have been wasted on some lesser folks. It is not about money, it is about love, and that sums up our girl- she IS love!!

OK, did I gush on long enough?red face

balloons balloons balloons balloons balloons balloons

I left her a Forever Star, because I love my Sisser!!!!happy dance
Satiba (In- Memory)

Hop Hop Hop
Barked: Fri May 16, '08 8:16am PST 
Thank you sisser!big grin
You made mom cry when she read your post, it wasn't sad tears but tears of gratitude. You got me pretty good.
I will add that I love my sisser, the rottie above me. cheer
And to add to Madison's post the rottie above me also has a really cool car to ride in if only she could find the right harness!!! This is a great game and we gotta find some more pups to play!happy dance
I going to go looking! See ya!
Love, The Bunny

Just give me- lovin!!!
Barked: Sun May 18, '08 10:25am PST 
Aw, thanks! Bunny, you are easy to love, if ya didn't already know it!laugh out loudcheer
Yeah, we need to get some new recruits!! We are trying, too.....thinking
Rosie (In- Loving- Memory)

Wosie Woo
Barked: Sun May 18, '08 11:14am PST 
I haven't gone yet, so it is my turn!blue dog

I am going out of turn a little bit here, for I want to say a few things about my buddy Orson!

As you know, Orson was chosen Dog of the Day out of all the Dogs on Dogster! What a MAN!!!!!!!!!

Orson LOVES to Run, and PLAY! He also loves to relax on his Lounge chair on the deck with May May! Sometimes he shares May May's Lounge. BOL!

Can't forget he LOVES Wisconsin Cheese! Orson I am still waiting on you to send me some cheese!

Orsn LOVES his Tennis Balls! He is the only Rottie I know who can hold 3 tennis balls in his mouth at one time! You are so talented!

I can't say enough of my Man Orson! Your the best My Love!


Your Woosie Woo dog
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