Shar-Pei Mixes


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Barked: Wed May 7, '08 11:13pm PST 
I had always thought of Shar-Pei's as being rare but there seems to be a lot of Shar-Pei mixes out there. My vet has told me I'm S-PM (Shar-Pei Mix), I am wondering just how I got so lucky. My mom (an experienced dog owner) keeps telling me how smart I am. I would love to hear from other S-PMs to compare notes on behavior and traits. I probably also have some Lab or possibly Golden in me. I really don't remember much about my doggie mom since I have blanked out my previous life due to bad experiences before I came to be with my forever family.

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Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 8:12am PST 
My mom thinks that I am a SharPei, Mastif, German Shepherd mix. I'm pretty smart, so I'm told, but very stubborn. I'm a born chow hound & love my food!! Extremely active (of course I'm still a pup) and very lovable. I had a rough start early in life, but I'm making great progress since finding my furever home.

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My Shep-Pei's (German Shepherd / Shar-Pei mix) are something. We rescued Jasmine, Hugo and their 3 siblings, so I hear how the others are doing and it's fun to see how much they have in common.

Behaviorally speaking, they are all stubborn/strong willed/persistent at times, which I suppose could be the GSD and/or Shar-Pei. They are all loyal and protective to varying degrees (another shared trait with GSD's). Hugo also has what we call "Shar-Pei Moments" when he just sits and stares, even when you call him or give him a cue. They are also really good at just kickin' back and relaxing.